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We’ve been hired by businesses to make their online marketing more profitable. We can likely help you do the same.

Who Are We

We are Frank And Mike. Your Personal Full Stack Digital Marketing Gurus. We advise and implement the best strategies on the web to create a sustainable online business.

Our Mission

“Delivering measurable results to clients “Provide the best results possible and deliver the WOW factor through our services.” “Our mission is to be the experts in Digital marketing.”

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Landing Page Design

Custom Built Landing Pages Designed for your industry.

Desktop and Mobile Ready

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Blignaut Wealth Managers

Blignaut Wealth Managers is a Finance company offering a Wide range of financial services from advice through to Insurance


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Whales Tale Guest House

Whales Tale Guest House is a Air BnB website designed to help get more bookings and to create general awareness.


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Michael Dunnett - Portfolio

Michael Dunnett is a Portfolio Based Website that shows off the skills of an individual as well as provides Trust.

Our Services

Websites & Web Management

We take the time to ensure your business will work by securing, optimizing, and managing your website. We Rank You on Social as well as Google with the correct SEO.

Full Service Web Management

A Working Website is Vital to the success of any type of Business. We Ensure your website will be well built, secured and maintained whilst under our care. 

Full Service SEO & Optimization

Part of a working website is ensuring Google knows how to connect your website with searches on Google from prospective clients searching for your Service/Product.

Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

In House Designers of motion graphics and Graphic Design. We create artworks that represent your brand!

Brand Reinforcement

We advise, create and synchronize your brand across all the relevant channels. 

Our Services

Business & Brand Development

If You’re just starting out and havnt decided on your brand yet. Dont worry we have you covered. A creative stance to Graphic Design and Motion Graphics To wow your clients.

Our Services

Paid Advertising

It’s Important that Your Clients Can Find You Online. We Combine Google Ranking and Marketing to Maximize Your Exposure.
Our Marketing Package includes Graphic Design

Ranking & Optimization

Rank your website on Google. Gain Exposure on your Social Profiles and optimize everything.

Content Creation & Marketing

Not Sure what to do to gain exposure and traffic? We create engaging content.

Social Media Management

We manage and optimize your social media profiles Facebook, Google, Instagram and more…

Social Media Marketing

Generate organic Interest on social media with engaging content and graphic Design.

Our Services

Social Media Management & Marketing

Get Monthly Reports, Important Information regarding your potential clients, Scheduled Marketing, Analytics, Content Creation.


Relevant Info, Tips and Tricks.

Respect For Your Money. And Some Other Values We Stand For.

Businesses don't pay taxes or feed families, people do. Our defining value is a deep respect for the money we're managing on your behalf, regardless of the size of your business and advertising budget. As your Web management company, our performance effects the money you and your team take home at the end of the day, and that's an awesome responsibility we take very seriously.

As a web management company, we stand by complete transparency in every aspect of our relationship with you. You'll receive beautiful interactive reports detailing your account performance every month – delivered right to your inbox.

We're a web management company with digital marketing and data analysis expertise, but you know your business a heck of a lot better than we do. Our experience has taught us time and time again that the more we collaborate and involve our clients in our strategic discussions, the better the campaigns we're developing will ultimately perform.

We're committed to the success of our partnership, which is why we schedule monthly conference calls to discuss your campaigns, our ongoing strategy and what we could do to continuously improve performance as we progress. We're wholly committed to being your last web management company.

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